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from vineyards bathed in cool coastal sunlight
We strive for honesty and elegance in our wines, reflecting the unique place where our grapes are grown—the clay and limestone soils feeding their roots, the refrigerated sunlight providing life’s energy. Our wines embody exactly what the vineyard produces.
– Blair Pence
Vineyard image. landscape view of Pence Vineyards

Using old-world techniques enhanced by modern technology, we farm our estate vineyard with the precision necessary to produce exceptional fruit, which will become great wine that will age gracefully.

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Join us for an engaging tasting experience where your personal sommelier will educate you about the Burgundian grape varieties, farming techniques and terroir that make Pence unique.

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We take great pride in rewarding the devotees and tastemakers who discover us with both exceptional quality and great value relative to comparable wines sourced from Burgundy.

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The colors, aromas, and flavors in each bottle of Pence wine express the unique characteristics of the individual blocks within our Santa Rita Hills, estate vineyard and our continuous efforts to support it.

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