Our goal is to produce wines that are steeped in traditional approaches, give pleasure and have flavor.

Fermentations for Pinot Noir employ only wild yeasts and are done in 4 ton concrete open-top fermenters. Stem inclusion is done in varying percentages each year depending on the health of fruit. After primary fermentation is complete, there is no settling of free run juice, which is barreled directly from the fermenter. All wines are aged in neutral to 30% new French oak barrels. Wines are racked the following summer. There are no further wine movements until assemblage prior to bottling and occurring after 9 to15 months in barrel.

Our Chardonnays are wild yeast fermented in neutral to 30% new French oak barrels ranging in size from 59 to 400 gallons. There is no movement of the lees and the wines go through complete malo-lactic fermentation with wines remaining in barrel for 9 to 15 months. Prior to bottling the wines are then moved to stainless steel tanks to settle. We do these steps to insure that the wines remain fresh and vibrant showcasing our region’s energizing acidity and citrus flavors.

Syrah fermentation is also done in 4 ton concrete open-top fermenters and aged for two years in 581 gallon (15HL) foudres, wooden vessles that are custom produced for us by Ermitage in France.This old school method of extended aging is consistent with the time honored pratcies of the Northern Rhone, where wines have demonstrated the value of patience and the benefits that come from mellowing in large cask.