Finding terroir in Santa Barbara County

Wine remains, at its source, a farming activity. We recognize that the potential to create great wines must start from the highest quality fruit and thus are committed to investing in creating optimal soil conditions and utilizing best growing practices to achieve this fruit quality standard on a consistent basis.

The combination of our cold, marine oriented climate with our strong clay-loam soils creates an excellent base on which to create a premium winegrape vineyard. Because the clay holds a high amount of minerals that the vines can extract as needed over the course of the growing season, these soils have a propensity to produce fruit of a dense mineral nature with full flavor and rich color.

Blending a science-driven approach with tradition

Using good common sense farming practices, a scientific system of mineral balancing, and natural methods of soil microbiology enhancement, we thus establish an equilibrium of energy sourced from the soil below and solar energy from above for a balanced vine of a dynamic nature. In this state, the vines require minimal fertilization and the vegetative growth and fruit yields are more naturally proportional to each other.

Within this environment, we strive to grow fruit that is of optimal nutritional quality. The result is a more natural wine, requiring little intervention by the winemaker. This allows the fruit to reveal its own nature in each vintage, which is a reflection of the interaction of the weather of that season, the soil, and our farming efforts.

Our holistic and organic approach to farming is based on equal parts common sense, science, and a sense of spiritual energy reflected in our intentions and efforts that we impart to the land. Our fruit reflects a return in kind of this energy.


United in purpose, our team is focused on producing the finest Burgundian-inspired wines made in the New World.

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We are a small artisanal winery and use only about a third of our vineyard’s total production each vintage. We sell the rest to a dedicated group of conscientious local producers providing

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In the classical tradition, our wines are intended to be directly representative of their terroir

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