Stan Kadota

Stan’s title is Nutritionist, but his role and influence extend far beyond this single word. He deftly and magically combines the physical and metaphysical in his understanding of the vineyard and its individual components. Stan brings a holistic vision to our winegrowing practices that is unique within the industry and stimulates our crew to perform at the highest level.

With a degree in economics and business under his belt, a personal health experience in the 1970’s led Stan on a search to understand the nature of health and cause of disease. He concluded that nutrition was a major factor in the human condition and that the quality of the soils largely determines the quality of our food sources. While his studies were rooted in science, they also revealed that only a holistic view of agriculture could provide an understanding of the life quality connection and dynamic potential of this linkage.

Stan understands that great wines are only made from great fruit, which in turn, can only be produced by healthy vines grown in balanced soils. His philosophy ensures sustainability in a real and measurable sense, rather than simply an abstract concept. He maintains constant surveillance of the vineyard, regularly lab-testing our soils and plant tissues, then prescribes the nutrients necessary for optimum results.

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